Please click on the course title for more information and important notes. Engineering students should make sure to review each course and note any lab restrictions. Some labs must be completed at Duke.

Title Program or school (Country) Duke Number Crosslistings Area Credit typesort descending Term
POL 385: Global Ethics Queen Mary
PUBPOL 300 SS Transfer Semester
"After Auschwitz": Images of the Holocaust in Contemporary Culture Tel Aviv University
JEWISHST 267 ALP, CZ Transfer Semester
BUSI 1001/BUSI 3801: Business Law University of Hong Kong
PUBPOL 300 SS Transfer Semester
ENLI 10310: Edinburgh in Fiction/Fiction in Edinburgh University of Edinburgh
ENGLISH 300 ALP Transfer Semester
ECE 3600: Computer Communications Georgia Institute of Technology
ECE 356 Transfer Semester
CVEN 3304: Concrete Structures University of New South Wales
CEE 422L - Lab must be taken at Duke Transfer Semester
ECOS 2201: Economics of Competition and Strategy University of Sydney
ECON 300 SS Transfer Semester
PHIL 2450: Zhuangzi (Daoist Anthology) University of Hong Kong
PHIL 300 CZ Transfer Semester
DVST 3500: Urban Politics & Development SIT - IHP - Cities in the 21st Century
SS Transfer Semester
13184: The German Confederation 1815-1866 Zasuren, Problems & Interpretations Duke in Berlin
GERMAN 300 Transfer Semester
Religion and Society in Spain Duke in Madrid
RELIGION 300 SPANISH 300 CZ, SS Transfer Semester
SP 470: Politics in the Republic of Ireland National University Ireland - Galway
POLSCI 300 SS Transfer Semester
AHST 371: Leonardo da Vinci: Artist, Genius and Scientist Umbra Institute
ARTHIST 300 ALP, CZ Transfer Semester
GEOG 310: Weather Systems University of Canterbury
(New Zealand)
EOS 365 NS Transfer Semester
SOCIO 4111: Diaspora: The Experience of Displacements and Difference Duke in Glasgow
SOCIOL 300 SS Transfer Semester
CL 1004: Myth & Community in Ancient Greek Lit. & Culture University of St. Andrews
CLST 100 CZ Transfer Semester
BABS 2202: Molecular Cell Biology I University of New South Wales
BIOLOGY 300L NS Transfer Semester
ECS 610U: Computer Graphics Queen Mary
COMPSCI 344 QS Transfer Semester
Al-Qaida & Intelligence Analysis DIS - Copenhagen
POLSCI 300 PUBPOL 300 SS Transfer Semester
ARTS 313: Intermediate Drawing SACI - Florence - Summer
ARTSVIS 100 ALP Transfer Semester