Please click on the course title for more information and important notes. Engineering students should make sure to review each course and note any lab restrictions. Some labs must be completed at Duke.

Title Program or school (Country) Duke Number Crosslistings Area Credit typesort descending Term
HH 1002: Understanding Ireland - Semester Start-Up Program Trinity College - Dublin
Course Will Not Transfer to Duke
1670014: Islamic Art UNC - Seville
ARTHIST 300 ALP, CZ Transfer Semester
ANP 307: Ecosystems in Madagascar Stony Brook University in Madagascar
EVANTH 300 NS Transfer Semester
POLS 7015: International Political Economy University College London
POLSCI 350 MMS 300
ECON 300
SS Transfer Semester
Psychology of Endings DIS - Copenhagen
PSY 200 SS Transfer Semester
Masculinities in Scandinavia DIS - Copenhagen
PUBPOL 300 SS Transfer Semester
BEES 6601: An Introduction to the Sydney Environment University of New South Wales
ENVIRON 100 NS, SS Transfer Semester
ARTH 217: New Zealand Art in the 20th C. University of Otago
(New Zealand)
ARTHIST 300 ALP, CZ Transfer Semester
AE 3310: Aerospace Vehicle Performance Georgia Institute of Technology
ME 300 Transfer Semester
SPAN-UA 9761: Gracia Lorca Theatre & Poetry New York University - Madrid
LIT 300 ENGLISH 200 ALP Transfer Semester
International Financial Management DIS - Copenhagen
MMS 300 ECON 300 SS Transfer Semester
ACCFIN 1016: Intro to Finance, Investments, and Institutions Duke in Glasgow
ECON 200 SS Transfer Semester
1760014: History of Psychology UNC - Seville
PSY 400 SS Transfer Semester
ENGL 3007: The Victorian Period University College London
ENGLISH 300 LIT 300 ALP Transfer Semester
Spanish Golden Age Literature Duke in Madrid
SPANISH 300 ALP Transfer Semester
AN 364: The Making of Patagonia: An Interdisciplinary Approach IES - Buenos Aires
HISTORY 300 ALP, CZ Transfer Semester
ENGL 345: Literature and Society McGill University
ENGLISH 300 ALP Transfer Semester
MTRN 3500: Computing Applications in Mechatronic Systems University of New South Wales
COMPSCI 300 ECE 300 QS Transfer Semester
ARTS 444: Advanced Black and White Photography SACI - Florence - Summer
ARTSVIS 300 ALP Transfer Summer
JAS 34020: Japanese Religions I-Religion in Contemporary Japan Nanzan University
RELIGION 300 CZ Transfer Semester