Please click on the course title for more information and important notes. Engineering students should make sure to review each course and note any lab restrictions. Some labs must be completed at Duke.

Title Program or school (Country) Duke Number Crosslistings Area Credit typesort descending Term
HH 1002: Understanding Ireland - Semester Start-Up Program Trinity College - Dublin
Course Will Not Transfer to Duke
Advanced Special Topics: International Business Duke in Geneva (summer)
HST 4604: Global Encounters: Conquest and Culture in World History Queen Mary
CULANTH 100 CZ, SS Transfer Semester
Structure and Social Change Duke in Madrid
SOCIOL 300 SS Transfer Semester
HIST 6405: Europe 1870-1945: Paths Through Modernity University College London
HISTORY 300 CZ Transfer Semester
COMPSCI 225: Discrete Structures in Mathematics and Computer Science University of Auckland
(New Zealand)
COMPSCI 230 QS Transfer Semester
Arts 3843: Modern Political Thought University of New South Wales
POLSCI 300 SS Transfer Semester
IRST 30150: Ireland Uncovered University College - Dublin
HISTORY 100 CZ Transfer Semester
CHEM 2052: Chemical Biology University of Queensland
CHEM 300 NS Transfer Semester
DUT 1003: Dutch for Students (Periods 1 & 2) (NL-9A1) CES - Maastricht
GERMAN 100 Transfer Semester
ANTH-UA 9200: The Roma in Eastern Europe New York University - Prague
(Czech Republic)
HISTORY 300 CZ Transfer Semester
The Social Brain: Neuropsychology of Social Behaviors DIS - Copenhagen
PSY 280 NEUROSCI 280 NS Transfer Semester
BILG 08009: The Dynamic Cell 2 University of Edinburgh
BIOLOGY 220 NS Transfer Semester
ELCS 6002: Conspicuous Consumption in the Realist Novel University College London
ENGLISH 200 ALP Transfer Semester
Human Rights Duke in Madrid - Intermediate
CULANTH 100 POLSCI 363 SS Transfer Semester
HIST 7347: The Re-Making of the British Working Class 1848-1914 University College London
HISTORY 300 CZ Transfer Semester
CTCS 192: Race, Class, and Gender in American Film Duke in Los Angeles
(United States)
AMI 300 ALP Transfer Semester
HIST 2003: Twentieth Century China University of Hong Kong
HISTORY 300 CZ Transfer Semester
ARTS 2283: Classical Greece University of New South Wales
CLST 100 CZ Transfer Semester
PHCM 4013: Influencing Health Beliefs & Health Behaviours University of New South Wales
GLHLTH 300 SS Transfer Semester