Please click on the course title for more information and important notes. Engineering students should make sure to review each course and note any lab restrictions. Some labs must be completed at Duke.

Title Program or school (Country) Duke Number Crosslistings Area Credit type Termsort descending
ARCH 20170: Discovering Ireland: Landscape University College - Dublin
CULANTH 100 SS Transfer
HH 1002: Understanding Ireland - Semester Start-Up Program Trinity College - Dublin
Course Will Not Transfer to Duke
Advanced Special Topics: International Business Duke in Geneva (summer)
COMPSCI 4015: Professional Software Development 3 University of Glasgow
COMPSCI 308 QS Transfer Semester
HSIT 350: The History and Culture of Food in Italy Umbra Institute
CULANTH 300 SS Transfer Semester
BZ 3061: Behavioural Ecology James Cook University
BIOLOGY 300L EVANTH 300 NS Transfer Semester
Economics in the Middle East Middlebury in Jordan
AMES 300 ECON 200 CZ, SS Transfer Semester
ENGL 1008: Australian Texts: International Contexts University of Sydney
ENGLISH 200 ALP Transfer Semester
CEES 4063: Constructing Identities Soviet Russia: Local, National and Global Duke in Glasgow
POLSCI 300 SS Transfer Semester
INTS 3005: International Security, Peace & Stability SIT - Switzerland - Int'l. Studies, Multilateral, Diplomacy, & Social Justice
PUBPOL 300 POLSCI 362 SS Transfer Semester
P7-54EC-2054: Labor Economics Duke in France
ECON 433 SS Transfer Semester
151802073: New Religious Movements in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East SOAS University of London
POLSCI 300 SS Transfer Semester
SSC 2048: Intermediate Microeconomics CES - Maastricht
ECON 201D SS Transfer Semester
ZOOL 223: Animal Physiology University of Otago
(New Zealand)
BIOLOGY 300 NS Transfer Semester
FAM 2003S: Media, Power & Culture University of Cape Town
(South Africa)
AMI 300 ALP Transfer Semester
FMTV-UT 146 Performance Strategies for Transfer Students Duke in New York Arts and Media Fall
(United States)
THEATRST 145S ALP Transfer Semester
SWAH 2004: Intermediate Kiswahili SIT - Tanzania - Zanzibar - Coastal Ecology & Natural Resource Mgt.
AAAS 100 Transfer Semester
SDIS 3320: The Role of Civil Society: Grassroots Movements and Nongovernmental Organizations SIT - IHP - Human Rights: Foundations, Challenges, and Advocacy
POLSCI 300 PUBPOL 300 SS Transfer Semester
ME 3303: Culture and Society in Renaissance Scotland 1450-1550 University of St. Andrews
HISTORY 300 CZ Transfer Semester
P7-54EE-F1LG: French Phonetics and Phonology Duke in France
FRENCH 300 Transfer Semester