Please click on the course title for more information and important notes. Engineering students should make sure to review each course and note any lab restrictions. Some labs must be completed at Duke.

Title Program or school (Country) Duke Number Crosslistings Area Credit typesort descending Term
PSY 391: Social Psychology Spelman College
(United States)
PSY 104 SS Transfer Semester
4AANA003: Elementary Logic and Applications King's College
PHIL 150 CZ Transfer Semester
PCOL 2012: Pharmacology, Drugs, and People University of Sydney
PHARM 350 NS Transfer Semester
Law Practice from a European Perspective DIS Copenhagen
MMS 300 POLSCI 300 SS Transfer Semester
Podcast Production: The Impact of Sound DIS Copenhagen
PJMS 300 ALP Transfer Semester
HBRJD-UA 9103: Modern Jewish History New York University - Prague
(Czech Republic)
HISTORY 251 CZ, SS Transfer Semester
MECE 09015: Sustainable Energy: Principles and Processes 3 University of Edinburgh
ME 300 Transfer Semester
13424: Art and Nationalism in the Modern Middle East Duke in Berlin
POLSCI 300 SS Transfer Semester
BASC 2072: Energy Systems A University College London
ENERGY 231 EOS 231 NS, SS Transfer Semester
Psychology of Leadership A,B DIS Copenhagen
PSY 300 SS Transfer Semester
13878: Operating Systems Duke in Madrid
COMPSCI 310 QS Transfer Semester
GLHLTH 101: Introduction to Global Health Duke Kunshan University
GLHLTH 101 SS Transfer Semester
Psychopharmacology: Substances and the Brain DIS Copenhagen
NEUROSCI 360 PSY 200 NS Transfer Semester
PSC 380: Globalization, Geopolitics, and International Relations Syracuse - Strasbourg
POLSCI 300 SS Transfer Semester
MAEE 09003: Marketing Technical Products University of Edinburgh
I&E 281 Transfer Semester
PSYC 2101: Assessment, Personality and Psychopathology University of New South Wales
PSY 300 SS Transfer Semester
WS 3214: Developmental Approaches to Eco-Social Justice James Cook University
ENVIRON 300 SS Transfer Semester
ELCS 5083: Representations of Southern Europe in Northern European Art and Literature: Northern South University College London
ENGLISH 200 ALP Transfer Semester
A00798: Religious Ritualities and Practices Umbra Institute
RELIGION 100 CZ Transfer Semester
PSYL 10034: Psychology Methodology 1 University of Edinburgh
PSY 201 QS Transfer Semester