Welcome to the Global Education Office for Undergraduates (GEO) course approval database. This database is searchable by Duke department, country of study, or specific program. The drop-down menus will guide you in searching for courses that are currently approved for study away.

Types of Credit

Within the database, you will find two types of credit. Duke-administered programs offer regular Duke credits, as well as transfer credits in some cases. See individual program pages on the GEO website for more details about the credit structure of each program. Non-Duke approved programs offer transfer credit only.

Duke credit: For Duke credit, the grade appears on your transcript as if you had taken the course at Duke. Grades earned in these courses will be factored into your Duke GPA. All coding applies as is listed in the Duke University Bulletin.

Transfer credit: Transfer credit may meet curricular requirements. Please note, however, that special restrictions apply to modes of inquiry coding including the FL code. All courses must be taken for graded credit, yet grades earned are not factored into the Duke GPA. Student must earn the equivalent of a C- or above on approved courses for credit to transfer.

More details regarding the distinction between these types of credit can be found within the Duke Abroad Handbook.

What this database represents

When seeking credit for a course taken abroad, you should begin with the course approval database. If the course is listed here, you will not need to go through the course approval process. As long as you earn the equivalent of a C- or above, and have a valid transcript sent back to the GEO, the course will transfer to your academic record as listed within the database. See the GEO website for more details about the course approval process.

What this database does not represent

The database is not designed to be a comprehensive listing of the courses offered abroad. If you find a course that is not in the database, you can seek course approval. Additionally, there is no guarantee that the courses listed in the database will be offered abroad. You should contact the host institution abroad for an up-to-date course listing for the semester you will be there. Depending on the institution, you may need to wait until arriving at the program site to select courses and begin the course approval process. You are encouraged to have flexibility in the courses you are seeking abroad.

Math Courses

Study abroad requires careful planning for a mathematics majors or minors, since learning in mathematics is cumulative and courses abroad may not correspond well to those at Duke. Math students should begin serious review of the course offerings at foreign universities two semesters prior to the planned semester abroad. Please, make sure to visit the Department of Mathematics website (www.math.duke.edu/undergraduate/studyabroad.html) for details on how to select courses abroad and have them approved. Math approvals are done on a student by student basis. There are no standing approvals for Math courses in the database.