Please click on the course title for more information and important notes. Engineering students should make sure to review each course and note any lab restrictions. Some labs must be completed at Duke.

Title Program or school (Country) Duke Number Crosslistings Area Credit type Termsort descending
SCOT ENTW 218: Cross-Cultural Travel Writing in Scotland University of Edinburgh
ENGLISH 300 ALP Transfer Semester
FS 30030: Animation University College - Dublin
VMS 300 ALP Transfer Semester
ECON 0121: Economic History University College London
ECON 302 CZ, SS Transfer Semester
13650: Econometric Techniques Duke in Madrid - Intermediate
ECON 300 QS, SS Transfer Semester
HPSC 3036: Governing Emerging Technologies University College London
PUBPOL 300 SS Transfer Semester
13037: International Relations and Organizations Duke in Madrid
POLSCI 300 SS Transfer Semester
ART-UE 9101: Drawing I for Non-Majors New York University - Florence
ARTSVIS 100 ALP Transfer Semester
HIST 2083: Gender, Sexuality, and Empire University of Hong Kong
HISTORY 300 GSF 300 CZ Transfer Semester
ECS 606U: Communication System Electronics Queen Mary
ECE 300 Transfer Semester
RELIG 202: Modern Buddhism Duke Kunshan University
RELIGION 200 CZ Transfer Semester
Environmental Policy in Europe Duke in Berlin
CCI, SS Duke Semester
POL-UA 9598: European-American Relations in the 21st Century New York University - Prague
(Czech Republic)
POLSCI 300 SS Transfer Semester
CLAS 0001: Greek Myth: Its Use and Meaning University College London
CLST 208 ALP, CZ Transfer Semester
SEEE 1006: Literature and Memory University College London
LIT 200 ALP Transfer Semester
13502: Introduction to Communication and Media Studies Duke in Madrid
VMS 100 ALP, SS Transfer Semester
GEOG 1016: Nature Conservation for Sustainable Societies University of Hong Kong
ENVIRON 100 NS Transfer Semester
Innovation Through Design Thinking DIS Copenhagen
VMS 300 MMS 300 ALP Transfer Semester
BMGT 30130: Global Industry Analysis University College - Dublin
SOCIOL 342D MMS 300 SS Transfer Semester
Painting Brown in Bologna
ARTHIST 300 ALP Transfer Semester
PSY 24: Psychology of Social and Community Intervention UNC - Seville
PSY 300 SS Transfer Semester